Buddy Love

Chairman, Instrumental Logic


Peer Reviewed Merchandise (PRM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Instrumental Logic1. At Instrumental Logic we believe that being serious is no fun and that fun is a serious business. You could say that we’re into funny business. On behalf of the Board at Instrumental Logic can I say how thrilled we are to have Mark at the helm of our most ambitious project yet, Peer Reviewed Merchandise.


Mark is an open source academic, at the University of Newcastle, who believes that as Ideas are cheap they may as well be free. He is the charismatic leader of the Higher Education Sect, a fast growing cult in the edu-factory that is the modern university. We thought we’d leverage his vision for the world and peddle a range of cheap merchandise to cash in.

Mark Roxburgh

CEO, Peer Reviewed Merchandise

IDEAS ARE CHEAP (An open source academic initiative)

Warning karmic principles apply!


Hi there. We at Peer Reviewed Merchandise believe that as ideas are cheap they may as well be free. This website contains incomplete, remaindered or factory second ideas that we don’t know what to do with. We guarantee that all our ideas are mass-produced by slave robots in a re-education factory in China. They have full and independent Artifical Certification and are surprisingly recyclable. Feel free to sift through the odds and sods and take and use what you want. Just remember that we are a part of the Karmic Economy 2.




Mark is a career egghead, artist, and musician. He's been making art since he can't remember, music since he was 16 and he's been an academic since 1992.


He was a lecturer in photomedia at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) from 1992 until 1999. Whilst there he wrote and ran one of the first design research methods courses in Australia with his long time friend and collaborator Craig Bremner. They also wrote and ran a degree conversion course at Singapore's Nanyang Academy of FIne Art in the late 1990s. 


He moved to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2000 and became program director of the Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) degree in 2001 and worked in that role until 2005. During that time he oversaw the rewriting of the degree program.


He joined the University of Newcastle (UON) as Associate Professor of Design in 2011 - an associate Professor is like a professor with training wheels. One of his first tasks at UON  was - you guessed it - rewriting the degree program.


He has served on or chaired about 12 external review committees to accredit various design and photomedia programs and/or institutions including KVB, Billy Blue, TAFE, Canberra Insitute of Technology, and the NSW and Victorian Departments of Education and Training.


In other words he have a truckload of design curriculum experience.


On top of that he's been active in conducting research into theories and practices of design, design research and photography. He's published on these topics fairly extensively and you can find most of his publications on the Writing page.


But he is so much more than an egghead....


He's exhibited his creative work infrequently but worked as a commercial photographer and illustrator through the late 1980s into the mid 1990s.


He's played in a few bands that were significant in the Sydney underground music scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, these being ME 262 and Decline of The Reptiles. His most recent musical venture is Joeys Coop which features Brett Myers (Died Pretty), Andy Newman (ME 262, The Visitors, Deniz Tek Group), Matt Galvin (The Barbarellas, Eva Trout, Perry Keyes) and Lloyd G (Dave Warner, The Atlantics, Perry Keyes).


Have a trawl through our website. You might find something that interests you.



1 - Instrumental Logic is a $2 shelf company owned by the private equity group Funny Business.

2 - Under the Open Source Academic Initiative we work on the principle of karma, or what we call the Karmic Economy. These principles are: Don’t use these ideas for evil.If your use of any idea, or combination of ideas, leads to fame and / or fortune please remember where it came from. Please consider acknowledgment of the source idea. Please consider some form of contribution back to Peer Review Merchandise. This could be monetary, in kind, goods or services OR please consider some form of contribution to those in need or an organisation doing good.